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I know they are easy to get and all, but I used 20 on a LV. 100 (If that matters) and the stat didn't increase even once. I just wanted to know if these are actually worth having?

I think we might need another answer for this one, as TooJosh4U has proven the answer below wrong...
no we dont

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Wing items give 1 ev in a stat, but can be used even when you have over a 100 evs.

Good answer. Also to add to this, if you have enough Wing items, you can fully EV train a pokemon in a stat without battling with it at all. ( Example 10 Protein ( 100 EVs in attack ) and 152 Muscle Wing ( or whatever the wings that raise attack are called ).
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Of course the wings worth. Your pokemon's stats didnt cgange because its level100. You must Ev train(and use ev items such as protein, carbos,etc and wing) before it reaches lvl100.

Actually, now in black and white, there EV's can still affect there stats after lv 100.
Yeah, J98 is right.
l think you simply put it back inside a PC box, and take it out again so it will re-calculate stats.
Actually they recalculate on their own. You do not need to put them in the PC box Source: After EV training without leveling up for a little while I looked at the summery and the Stat I was training was several points higher than it was since the last level up.