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Like the Pikachu with the cap or th Fancy Pattern Vivillon


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I'm fairly certain this answers your question. As for Gen VIII this and this will answer your question

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“A link is not an answer: In other words, an answer should be complete on its own where possible. *If the answer calls for a long list or a huge amount of detail*, then it is fine to link to another site, but otherwise put all the information in your answer.”

Tl;dr, you shouldn’t link unless it “calls for a long list or a huge amount of detail.”
Ok 1. I am trying to spend less time on this site and found a question that is relatively easy to answer and therefore answered it.
2. This would take at least three hours to do, if not more. Plus I AM ON MOBILE that would be miserable.
3. I'm fairly certain that me copy and pasting everything from the links doesn't help anybody.
4. Mew used to answer questions with "yep" and then put a source all the time. Nobody ever questioned him.
If what OP wants is an answer that contains a list of every single event that has ever taken place, then I will close this question. That's a ridiculous expectation and this answer is fine.
If this answer isn't what you want @megaltaria, then you will have to make your question clearer.
Thank you fizz
It's ok, I only didn't select it as BA bc I was asleep :P

and also,

"While linking is a valid answer, i feel the same as Dreepy on this. It's like... going to a dentist office, getting the xray done, but having them tell you to give yourself the filling.
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XD only TY can rly say that...

the only reason I didn't select BA to the other answer was because the other answer was using a list, but if they were going to do a list, might as well do every event pokemon