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If I were to Shiny hunt the starters, when would I first see if they are Shiny? In battle, when they are presented in Pokeballs (Machines in labs, briefcase), or somewhere else? I want to know for all games.

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In most games, it appears after the starter is chosen.
So, for example, when you pick a Shiny Mudkip, it will look blue when you see it by Treecko and Torchic, but will be Purple when it’s sent out to fight Poocheyana. This goes for all games except for HGSS, where you can see the starters in their shiny form before they are picked. This makes shiny hunting starters rather easy in HGSS.

Source:Experience for HGSS, watching lots of videos.

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What about the other games though? I don't know what "most games" is.
By most games, I meant everything but HGSS.
Oh. That's... unfortunate. Anyways, thanks.
You’re welcome
This is not the way it works in sword and shield as the starters are shiny locked