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Like obviously Morpeko can use it because of it's ability but what if I hacked that move onto another mon? Maybe one that doesn't change forms and another that does change forms. Asking for myself

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If Aura Wheel is used by any Pokémon other than Morpeko, it will fail.

This can be shown in this replay. In the replay, I had Aura Wheel used by Aegislash in Balanced Hackmons. It failed and gave the following message:

Aegislash used Aura Wheel!
But it failed!
(Only a Pokemon whose form is Morpeko or Morpeko-Hangry can use this move.)

In addition to Balanced Hackmons, a Pokemon can learn Aura Wheel via Mimic. It will also fail, as proven by this sentence:

Aura Wheel can be learned via Mimic, but fails when used.

However, if you were to transform into Morpeko, (i.e Imposter Ditto) Aura Wheel will work.
> However, the move can be used when the user has transformed into Morpeko.


Hope this helps.

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It just fails.


You maybe wondering "then what will happen if regieleki had hunger switch?", it fails too and the ability has no effect, here is another replay but with hunger switch.


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