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I mean, I am making a few changes in my gen 7 ubers team and seriously thinking about replacing M-salamance with M-mewtwo y. The problem is .. then nobody else in my team knows anti-hazard moves , only salamance had defog. my team doesn't mind stealth rock as 2 resist rock and 4 neutral if mega mewtwo comes. my team is only crippled by sticky web. So I want to know how common web teams are so I can replace a member if its common.

Tbh I never saw it in ubers before lol
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In the high ladder (GLICKO >= 1760), at least 9% of teams have a sticky web user.

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alright, thanks. but can you also put should I replace M-mewtwo with M-salamance ? not necessary though
Which M-Mewtwo
mega mewtwo y, as mentioned in question
Other teammates?
And what are their roles like:
Yveltal-Special Dynamax sweeper
Calyrex-Shadow-Nasty Plot baton passer
This is gen 7 ubers, so I'm not sure you can dynamax. I know that was an example, but I just wanted to point that out
Yes, ThatPokemonBoi is correct. Even if it was Gen 8, then Dynamax was banned from Ubers to AG and you can't have Calyrex-S and Sword which are of Gen 8 in Gen 7.
Is Salamence-Mega bulky? Don’t forget it’s x4 weakness to Ice I don’t think it will be a good defogger