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Let’s say I became best buddies with a Kyogre. I then traded it to a friend, and then traded for it back. Would I still be best buddies with it, or would it start over?

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I dunno, I don't play pokemon go :3
I will tell you when I play Pokemon GO someday.
If you're not telling now, then you really should not post an answer.
Unless something in the trading mechanism has changed since Go to Home connectivity was introduced, you'd be able to trade Kyogre to your friend, but they wouldn't be able to trade it back.

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Last I checked you can't trade a single Pokemon more than once in GO, so you wouldn't be able to get it via trade back. As for it's friendship being reset, whenever you go to trade a Pokemon there is a very specific and obvious message in game stating that the Pokemon's friendship will be reset.

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ok, thanks