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I found a shiny Chansey which I’m gonna train for fun and max raid dens since the Chansey line has been confirmed for DLC1 of SwSh. I don’t battle competitively and aesthetically prefer Blissey so that’s what I’m going with.

Anyway my plan is to get it to level 100 via sos chaining, will the 45 leveling be enough to get max friendship?

Also bonus question:
Are these EVs a bad idea for my future Blissey?
Nature: Bold
6 HP
252 Defense
252 Sp Attack

He said that the blissey is being used for fun and not for competitive
Your second question really does depend on what you want to do with this Blissey. Special attacking Blissey works great in gen 3.

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Chansey needs 220 friendship points to evolve and starts off with 140 when you catch it. For every level it gains before having 200 friendship, it gains 4 points, and every level it gains when it has 200 for more friendship gains it 3 points. Therefore, we can determine that, assuming nothing is done to lower Chansey’s friendship level, it will take 22 levels for it to evolve.
If you want to be safe, though, you could also use at least 22 EV-reducing berries on it and level it up once to evolve it before starting your lv 100 grind.


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