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My question is about Mightyena ferocious bellow
During your opponent’s next turn, the Defending Pokémon’s attacks do 50 less damage (before applying Weakness and Resistance).
If I evolve that defending will my opponent still take less damage?

Can you post a picture of the specific Mightyena card you’re using? If not, can you tell us the year it was made and its series number (should be in the lower right corner, formatted as #/#)

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The opponent will take less damage
Even if it’s evolved, the defending Pokémon is technically the same Pokémon, so it will deal 50 less damage to the Mighteyana.


Hope this helps!

But wouldn't it be a new pokemon?
It would be a different Pokémon in a way. That’s why I said technically. But it’d still count as the same Pokémon.
Would benching stop the effects?
The 50 damage drop only applies for the turn, so if you retreated the defending Pokémon and put it back up, the damage drop should still apply. Just retreat the defending Pokémon and stall out for a turn and you should be fine.