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I'm pretty sure I heard this somewhere, and considering I found 5 female mudkups in a row but have found zero shinies on either side, I'm starting to be concerned that my save file is shiny-proof based on my TID or something sksksiksksksks

> In Generation III onwards, it is possible for an Egg to hatch Shiny on one game but not another. This is because Shininess is partially determined by the Original Trainer ID and Secret ID number. Eggs have the ID and SID of the game they were originally bred on, but change to the ID and SID of the hatcher immediately after hatching. It is this change that affects Shininess.


If this is not the reason, you're probably just getting exceptionally unlucky. Shiny hunts can take a very long time, so keep at it.

Hope I helped!

  [1]: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny_Pok%C3%A9mon
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/318834/i-need-shiny-hunting-strategies-for-pokemon-emerald i think krlws answer is what i was referring to :0 but i dont fully understand it
I think it is saying that it's impossible (or at least harder), but I'm not 100% sure. Do you want me to hide this answer?

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What you’re describing sounds like the fixed seed glitch, which is usually only applicable to Emerald, but can also affect Ruby/Sapphire if the battery has dried. From the Discord, I know you’re playing on Sapphire, so as long as your battery is working, there should be no negative effects on RNG events like shiny hunting. If you do have a dry battery, then you’ll need to use the same method for hunting starters as Emerald, which I’ve already detailed here. I’ve also copied it down below:

In order to get a shiny starter, you'll need an early shiny frame, which requires a lucky TID/SID combo. To get this, just SR like normal, except every 60 SRs or so, create a new save file to scramble your TID/SID combo. If you get a shiny [Poochyena] before you get a shiny starter, it means you've found an early shiny frame and should stop creating new save files; as long as you use the current file, it shouldn't take you too many more resets to find your starter.

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