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I have a team that is mostly special attack oriented (ghost and psychic types).

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Format? I’m new to this I’m sorry. ;(
Do you mean in-game (the main Pokemon games) or Pokemon Showdown! format?
In game
Pokemon Black White, XY, Oras, USUM, etc. which one of them?
In game Gen 7 I use poketwo so it has previous Gen stuff too

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In all games, Reshiram is the better special attacker. It has an amazing Special Attack stat of 150, above Zekrom's 120. Zekrom works as a special attacker, but it's so much better as a physical attacker. With the moveset I provide, Reshiram can hit a great many Trials, Kahunas, and random Trainers for super effective damage, plus a bit of the Elite 4 and Champion.

Reshiram @ Life Orb
Ability: Turboblaze
- Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor
- Fusion Flare
- Earth Power
- Psychic / Shadow Ball / Hyper Voice

Hope I helped!

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Just asking, the OP said:
"In game Gen 7 I use poketwo so it has previous Gen stuff too
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I found Poketwo isn't a official game, so you should edit the question :P and make it uh in-game or competitive?
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