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I'm broke in Lets Go Eevee and I also want Master Balls, but I've yet to find Master Balls. However, I have found Star Pieces, Nuggets, and the Old Amber, along with the Berries. What are the rates for each item?

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"These items are hidden at certain spots of the cave and respawn occasionally or daily. The item received is not determined until it is picked up, so what the item is can be affected by resetting."


It didn't say anything about exact rates, so I was hesitant on posting an answer. I can post what I just said in this comment as an answer if you want, or would you rather exact rates (if they can be found)?
Hmmm yeah i'd prefer exact rates or at least a list of items and how common they appear to be, but its handy to know i could soft reset for a masterball. Would also be appreciated if someone can find how often the items respawn
It does also say they respawn at random, further down in the article.

This is a map of item spawns. Thought it might help. They also said this:

"I also believe that there are multiple loot tables for the Poké Ball and Berry spawns, determined when spawned, locking you don't to specific drops and rates, even when resetting. I did 100 resets and never got 10x Ultra Balls from one spot, while another got over 10."
to be honest, I don't think anyone or any site knows what's the exact respawn rate..
but if you want money, I have an Idea:
in mount moon a man (entry floor , extreme left where there is a ladder) gives you 5 or 10 pokeballs if you don't have any pokeballs. go sell them and come back, he'll give you 5 or 10 balls again!
(you know what to do now, right?)
I agree with hoennseptile, there isn't anyone that actually knows what the odds are, just like no one knows the correct odds for a wild pokemon entering pokemon camp.

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From my research, there doesn't seem to be spawn rates for items in Cerulean Cave in Let's Go.

Maybe you were looking at the wrong place. It happens in big caves. Here's my research to show you:

Thonky doesn't say anything about spawn rates.

Bulbapedia tells you exactly where everything is, so can't be spawn rates for the items if they are at specific places.

And finally, Ranked Boost tells you which items are to be found, but nothing about spawn rates again.

That was three websites showing us nothing about item spawn rates. Again, you might have been looking in the wrong spots. Sorry.

Hope I helped!

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LoL so simple answer. Sometimes you need to think in normal way for correct answer. Hmm good moral