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Let's say I managed to max out my starter (and other Pokemon I became champion with) out to level 100, by beating the game, the Sword/Shield royalty arc, the Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra, but want to start fresh with a new starter (Scorbunny or Sobble) without creating a second account/doing the story all over again.

The only thing I can think of is battling random wild Pokemon, since there are no more regular trainers to gain exp. from until my team is strong enough to battle each Cafe Master, then strong enough to battle Breeder Chloe, Morimoto, Marnie, IoA Rival, Mustard, Honey, and Peony, all without spamming the Champion Cup (Galar's "Elite Four", the final thing you do to beat the game).

I want the experience of training/using as many Gen 8 Pokemon as possible (as I was able to do in Gen 6).

It sounds like you want to train a team while avoiding traditional methods of power-levelling, e.g. candies. Can you please outline everything that is off-limits so we can give you the next best options?

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The thing you're looking for is EXP. Candies. You get these from participating in Max Raids. They automatically give your Pokemon a set amount of experience. The link above tells you how to use them and the specifics of aquiring them.

You can also train a bit in the Champion's Cup when your team is strong enough, as you mentioned, and there is a wandering NPC in the main Wild Areas who will battle you. She has the three fully evolved starters and they give decent experience.

Part of me feels sad for answering my own questions, yet satisfied that I'm right.

Guess there is no way to do what I want to do. I know it and GameFreak knows it, yet no one else on the internet gets what I'm talking about.
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I know that there is already an answer, and it's a little old, but there are other ways you can level up even post-game.

EXP Candies, like KP said. Click here for more info.
Different types of EXP candies:

  • XS - +100 EXP points

  • S - +800 EXP points

  • M - +3,000 EXP points

  • L - +10,000 EXP points

  • XL - +30,000 EXP points

  • Side note: the Lucky Egg boosts 50% EXP points from battles

Wild Encounters
Not the best way, but some wild Pokemon can give you quite a lot of EXP points

Champion's Cup
You can re-battle:

  • Marnie

  • Hop

  • Leon

  • Yue

  • Polaire

  • Kent

  • Vega

  • Cher

  • Deneb

  • Icla

  • Wei

  • Izar

  • Dunne

  • Pia

  • Corvin

  • Terry

  • Theemin

  • Phoebus

  • Milo

  • Nessa

  • Kabu

  • Bea (Sword)

  • Allister (Shield)

  • Bede

  • Gordie (Sword)

  • Melony (Shield)

  • Piers

Geez, that was a lot. Hope I helped!