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Been getting bored of nuzlocking main series games, however I'm unfamiliar with many of the Pokémon spin offs.

Which spin off games can you do nuzlockes of? Obviously the games are very different from main series, so some slight alterations to the rules are okay, but try to not change the rules to the point where it's not a nuzlocke anymore.

Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness are probably the most obvious answers because they're almost the same as the core series games. The Mystery Dungeon games might be Nuzlocke-able if you recruit one Pokemon from each place and stop using Pokemon when the faint, but then your starter might faint and you'll get stuck at the next plot event that requires using your starter.

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This is for the only spinoff I have Pokemon Quest .
Rules when your Pokemon dies in an expedition(or when it dies certain numbers of times ) you cant use it anymore.
Making soup is illegal.You get Pokemon from the 22 hour visit so Pokemon are random
Pokemon Quest,Google play,app store, Nintendo switch ,on pc use bluestacks

this is the closest thing I can think of to a nuzlocke on Pokemon quest

Yeah but you can't nickname your Pokémons on Pokémon Quest.
Also "Making soup is illegal" making soup is easier for new Pokémon to appear, not waiting 22 hours for new Pokémon to appear. Making soups is better than waiting 22 hours.
You can nickname pokemon and for 22 hour this makes every pokemon u have random