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Right now I am playing through HeartGold and I am at the 2 gym. I started with Totodile, and I thought that for once I should use a fire type. One that immediately came across my mind was Magcargo, since I really love Magcargo. So should I use one?


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Lemme cover some stuff about Magcargo first

  • Ridiculously slow

  • Only good stats are Defense and SpA

  • Not that big of a movepool

  • 4x weak to both Ground and Water

  • has 7 resistances

  • Overall 4 weaknesses


Unless you want a Pokemon like that, I suggest you don't use Magcargo. Use another fire-type Pokemon such as Arcanine, Ninetales, Rapidash, maybe Magmar. Magcargo is severely weak in many different ways.

Hope I helped!

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It can only be obtained in Kanto, after you beat the Johto segment of the game. It's also extremely slow, and weak to very common types. If you want to use Magcargo, go for it, anything works ingame. Just know that it's worse than your other options.

You have the possibility of getting a Slugma Egg from Primo, but it takes a while to hatch, and it'll be annoying to level it up from Level 1. If you don't mind waiting, better Fire types like Arcanine and Magmar can be obtained a bit later in the game.

Hope I helped!

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It's possible to get a Slugma egg in Johto by talking to someone in Violet City. Also I'd say that Magmar might be better than Arcanine because Arcanine takes some time to evolve, and Magmar can be strong without evolving.
Oh really? I didn't know that. Even so, it'll come at a lower level compared to the rest of your team, and low levelled Pokemon are annoying to grind up. I'll edit my answer.