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Hi every one! Im Mani T.S.E ! Its been 4 years since I traveld to a countery that pokémon is filter in there... when I was there an Pokemon event was going on, so I connected to thier internet and recived the Wild Area News. After that I didnt know but all of my shiny odds turned into 0 ... After thati got back to my country and connected my Nintendo Switch to our internet. Every thing was all right until... I wanted to hunt for shiny Togedemaru. It was then that I realized that my odds are 0. Bcs I tried every hunting method even the Shiny Pokemon Event; but non of them worked. Im asking for what do you think I should do? Oh and by the way... I asked both the Nintendo co. and the Pokemon co. directly but both of them dident know what should I do...
Please help me, you guys are my LAST HOPE...

How do you know that your shiny odds are 0 and not 1/4096?
That really odd
How do you know your odds are 0 and just not bad luck? Its programmed into the game to be 1/4000 as a base
what do you mean by "country that pokemon is filter there"?
do you mean that pokemon is filtered out? I dont even know what that would do. Pokemon isnt something you
download on your phone - unless you are talking about pokemon go - and its usually a cartridge.

also, like others have said, how are you sure that the odds are completely zero?
First i know the normal shiny odds (that being like 1 in 100 in the dinamax adventures or the masuda method1 in 512). I am sure my odds are not normal, bcs i spent over a week on each shiny hunting method. Even i didnt find any Event Shinies... Second  there are some poor countries that Pokemon is filterd, im mean like if you want to download "Pokemon Home" you would need a VPN, if you want to Online Trade with somone you would need VPN, if you want to update The Wild Area you would need a VPN, Even you cant find pokemon games in stores there! You can only buy them online (with VPN) and more... I feel realy sorry for them and i think that my bad was that i updated my Wild Area with thier intenet...
Now that i explained somemore things to you, can anyone help me?
I don't think updating your game using internet in a country that doesn't allow Pokemon would cause your shiny chances to become 0.
How many Pokemon did you find using each shiny hunting method?

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This isn't because of 0 shiny odds, Its because of pure luck.

I mean, this is a short answer that didn’t give much effort, but it’s correct
Thank you for your answer but, no I had bad luck befor, but not **this Bad**! I shiny hunted 7 Pokemon and traded 3. I know how they work and the "*luck*" factor... but sorry I'm sure thats not the case...
I explained more things in a comment, maybe you would get mkre data if you read that...
And again *thanks for your answer*!
you realize that it most likely is literally because of pure luck? something being pure luck doesnt mean that it will always happen to a degree.