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Not totally sure if this is ok or not because it might be more of a switch thing but it might also not be?

Basically, my Switch says I played 300 hours of Sword, but my file says I played 295 hours.

I never restarted this save or anything. Is there places where it doesn't count as "playing" in-game? Does being idle not count for game play time or something?

Asking because I highly doubt I spent 5 hours on the title screen

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Just so you know: it is marginally related to the Pokemon game so it should be fine.
"Doing being idle" Sorry, that was funny xD
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It is likely in the 295 hours of you playing, that you sat on the home menu, or on save menu. And then all that time together made 5 extra hours. I have the same problem, I played for like 50 hours, and it says I have played 53. Also I looked it up, and sitting in the save menu or connecting to the Pokeball plus doesn’t count as time to the in-game time. You could have also set the day or hour forward or backward on your switch.

Hope I helped!

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