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This is the pokepaste. So I am running a TR team, and the team that I copied (I can't teambuild) had amoongus in it. I was confused which one to run because Tapu fini is used a lot more in doubles. I'm not sure if they fill different niches, but still, I'm asking this. Could you help me?

I'm pretty sure this would go in RMT since you have the team, but are trying to decide which is better as a last teammate.
No I already have the whole team, I am asking for a comparison of the two mons. The pokepaste was only for context. I can remove that
Btw Swords Dance on Lando-T won't work with Assault Vest.
Swap the item with something else (I don't do VGC..)

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I've studied VGC a lot and played several games. However, I have never laddered before, so take this with a grain of salt.

In the current meta, Tapu Fini is better. It has more natural bulk, letting it tank Kyogre's Water Spouts. It also isn't weak to Tornadus's Hurricane, unlike Amoonguss. Spread moves are incredibly common, and Safety Goggles are too, so Amoonguss's Rage Powder isn't always useful. Outside of decent bulk, good longevity, Spore and Rage Powder, Amoonguss isn't really useful. On the other hand, Tapu Fini has an incredible ability that makes Pokemon immune to burns or Toxic. Its ability also halves the power of Dragon type moves, making it an excellent partner for Dragon types that don't use Dragon type moves (ex. Rayquaza and Dragonite). Tapu Fini provedes more utility than Amoonguss can dream of, with Moonblast to potentially shut down Special Attackers, even better natural bulk, an incredible defensive typing, the aforementioned Misty Surge, Muddy Water to be extremely annoying... It resists both of Incineroar's STABs (Incineroar is the most common Pokemon in VGC 2021), both of Urshifu-Single Strike's STABS, Yveltal's Dark Pulse/Sucker Punch/Snarl, and Zacian-Crowned's Behemoth Blade. Now, Fini isn't perfect, as Regieleki and Rillaboom are #2 and #3 in usage, and Grassy Glide and Volt Switch do a hefty amount of damage to Fini, it also struggles against Kartana and Thundurus-Incarnate, but the pros outweigh the cons. In the Series 8 meta, Female Indeedee is used more, because it has Follow Me (which isn't affected by Safety Googles), Helping Hand, Fake Out, decent Speed, Psychic Terrain (an incredible tool for Calyrex-Shadow, which often partners up with Ind-F and uses Expanding Force), the ability to do noteworthy damage (with Expanding Force), and some more cool support options like Mystical Fire, Safeguard, Ally Switch, and Heal Pulse.

Also, I would suggest you change Regieleki's set. Swap Choice Specs for Magnet/Light Clay, and use Electroweb instead of Electro Ball.

Here's a Tapu Fini set

Tapu Fini @ Leftovers / Sitrus Berry
Ability: Misty Surge
EVs: 252 HP / 192 Def / 64 SpA
Modest / Bold Nature

  • Moonblast
  • Muddy Water
  • Protect
  • Calm Mind
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1 small change. It's grassy slide on rillaboom. Everything else is great!
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Although there is already a best answer, I am going to add my thoughts because I feel there is something else to be said: just because a Pokemon is more common or generally better than another Pokemon, doesn't mean that you should just slap it on your team without a second thought.

Yes, Tapu Fini is a very good variance control mon and more popular than Amoonguss on the ladder currently, and yes, misty terrain helps combat dragon moves, but there are no dragon types or any that threaten your team, and yes, it does prevent status conditions, but you only have two physical attackers that care about burn, one of which isn't grounded and isn't protected by misty terrain, so in this case, Amoonguss would actually do a better job protecting your team from status, since it can just redirect it.

Additionally, and this is the big point, your team has a Trick Room mode employing Dusclops. Dusclops can be taunted by things like Incineroar and Whimsicott, OHKOd by threats such as Calyrex-S, Yveltal, and Moltres, or Reverse TR'd by Porygon2. Tapu Fini can't do anything about this, and a lot of threats can KO Dusclops through Regieleki's screens, fake out eleki with its partner, or ignore them completely (Urshifu). Amoonguss solves all these problems: it redirects deadly attacks and taunts (Helping hand Life orb Astral Barrage from Calyrex ignores redirection and still OHKOs, but this can be easily worked around by setting screens before bringing Dusclops in or baiting out a Dynamax) and can spore Porygon2. Also, Amoonguss makes your Trick Room mode a lot more threatening, since sporing opponents before they can move exerts a LOT of pressure.

So, the bottom line is: currently, yes, you could call Tapu Fini "better" than Amoonguss because it is more popular on ladder and has more attributes on paper than the mushroom, but that doesn't mean it's the best fit for your team. In this case, there was a reason why the teambuilder chose to use Amoonguss, and it's that its niche and/or role will most definitely help your team win more games.

Finally, one small point I can make is that out of the top 21 teams in the first big Series 8 Tournament, there are 11 Amoonguss and only 3 Tapu Fini, which points to the fact that Amoonguss might actually be better in high level VGC.

One more thing I'd like to add that isn't necessarily related to your question is that series 8 rules are in effect and you can use a restricted legendary on your team now, such as Calyrex-Ice instead of Glastrier.
OOOH. Ok imma add that. Also, thanks for the helpful insight!
Happy to help!