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Steel Beam is a special steel type attack that does 160 damage but deals recoil by 50% what Pokemon are viable using it and is it even viable in comp.?

Yes, but only for breakers and leads. Especially pokemon with a bit more limited movepool like magnezone or duraludon. The other mons it might be seen on is lead exacadrill. It has sash to gaurentee rocks, than steel beams to knock itself out so the opponent cant defog or rapid spin immeaditely. Other than that, most mons dont use it, and flash cannon or gyro ball/heavy slam/iron head is better
Can it be used like belly drum with even hp and sitrus berries?
I'm pretty sure Magnezone is the only viable steel beam user. I don't think there are any good steel Pokemon with high enough special attack and speed to use whatever Sitrus berry strategy that the Boi person was suggesting. You'll probably get a better answer by asking here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/simple-questions-simple-answers-thread.3656259/

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In the early Gen 8 OU metagame, suicide Stealth Rock lead Excadrill used it to stop Defoggers from removing its hazards. It wasn't used to do damage, it was used for the recoil itself. Right now, it doesn't see major viable use except on Magnezone. Steel is more of a defensive type, so losing 50% of a Pokemon's HP is usually unwelcome in most cases. Most dual-type offensive steels like Magearna usually don't use Steel type moves at all since there are much better options (Steel is a pretty bad offensive type, with only 3 types super-effective against it and 4 types which resist it, all of which are common in the metagame). Lets say a Magearna did for some reason run Steel Beam. However, that would basically be asking Heatran, Magearna, Assault Vest Melmetal, Excadrill, Corviknight, Cinderace, Slowbro, and Toxapex to switch in. One wrong prediction with Steel Beam and you're pretty much screwed.

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