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What format/rules are you asking about?

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Zacian:Hero of Many Battles:
Ranked A+ in gen 8 Ubers. He’s very powerful in the tier, with a nice Fairy typing, Intrepid Sword, 130 attack, 138 speed, and decent defenses. It can also hold and item, which allows it to hold a Scarf, Band, or Life Orb, or even something else! It’s a very solid Pokémon. However, in AG and VGC, it is completely and totally outclassed by it’s Crowned form.
Zamazenta:Hero of Many Battles
He’s ok. He’s good enough to be in the Uber tier, but isn’t great there. It, along with some Pokémon such as Solgaleo, Necrozma-Dawn-Wings Zamazenta-Crowned, and Spectrier, are only in Ubers because they’re too strong for OU. It’s got pretty good stats, a pretty good ability, and decent typing, but it’s outclassed as a fighting attacker by Marshadow.

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Actually Zama-C people want it in OU cause it isnt even that good there :P
Honestly, I think Zamazenta-Crowned would be too great for OU. it’s got nice STABs in Close Combat and Behemoth Bash, 130 attack and 128 speed, 145 SpD and 145 Defense that is constantly at 1+, and not too bad of an attacking movepool.
Corvi walls it
Also it isnt relevent i will just say you can ask in the OU chatroom and see what they say :P
Also I want to say that in ag and vgc zacian-c outclasses regular zacian by a lot
Well, of course, I’d expect that to be pretty obvious