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Is this dumb? My mind thinks "duh only castform types" but at the same time i'm like mmmmm sandstorm, mist, owo?

wondering because gen 8 has new overworld weathers and I'm not sure if they added one for each of the new weathers

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ht why did you remove the gen 8 tag? this is relevant to gen 8 because of the additional overworld weathers. i wasnt sure if they added a different type or not to weatherball for each of the weathers

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No weather: Normal

Sun, extremely harsh sunlight: Fire

Rain, heavy rain: Water

Sandstorm: Rock

Hail: Ice

Shadowy aura (XD Gale of Darkness): Typeless

Ion Deluge and Electrify if there is no weather: Electric

In addition, despite being displayed as Breakneck Blitz and Max Strike, Weather Ball will become the same type as the current weather

Weather Ball is also affected by Aerilate, Pixilate, and Refrigerate, and will become a Flying/Fairy/Ice type move if there is no weather up (Thanks sumwun)

Source: Experience, and this

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It can also be flying type if the user has Aerilate and there's no weather.
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It can be:


Hope I helped!