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Like Reviser seed, Oren berry, Mix Elixer, etc. It'll be cool to have an easy to access list, so that's why I'm asking :3


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Dough Seed

Increases the amount of Poké found on next floor. Does not work in Aegis Cave. Restores Belly by 5. Lookalike for Doom Seed.

Dropeye Seed

Decreases the user's line of vision and restores Belly by 5. Lookalike for Eyedrop Seed.

Gaggle Specs

Makes Pokémon be more likely to be hit. Lookalike for Goggle Specs.

Gone Pebble

Gives the user the Endure status after a quick scene. Lookalike for Geo Pebble.


A food item that raises the IQ of Sudowoodo or Bonsly by 10 and restores 10 Belly. If eaten while full, maximum Belly goes up by 5. Lookalike for Gravelerock.

Mix Elixir

A food item that fully restores PP of all of a Linoone's moves and restores 5 Belly. Lookalike for Max Elixir.

No-Slip Cap

When held, items in the Treasure Bag will start to turn sticky. Lookalike for No-Stick Cap.

Oren Berry

A food item that deals 10 damage and restores Belly by 5. Lookalike for Oran Berry.

Reviser Seed

Revives a Pokémon; then the Pokémon faints with laughter. Can only be used on Pokémon with the Item Master IQ Skill. Becomes a Plain Seed after use. Lookalike for Reviver Seed.

Slip Seed

Allows user to walk on water and restores Belly by 5. Lookalike for Sleep Seed.

Via Seed

Makes the user say "See-ya!" and warp to a different place on the floor. Restores Belly by 5. Lookalike for Vile Seed.

Wander Gummi

Causes Blinker status. Lookalike for Wonder Gummi.

Y-Ray Specs

Disables the ability to see items and enemies. If held by an enemy or an ally, they will receive the Blinker status which causes them to walk forward in a straight line and attack if it cannot move any further. Lookalike for X-Ray Specs.

All are found within Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.


Hope I helped!

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