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Is there some connection between hippos and scorpions, or is it just the typing? If it's the typing, then why does it only say drapion is scared of hippowdon instead of ground types? (It says this in Drapion's shield entry btw)

Ground eq STAB?

Otherwise gamefreak logic
Cuz Hippo got type advantage over the oversized Scorpion

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I don't think anyone but Game Freak can give you a definitive answer. However, we can make some speculations.

  1. Drapion is weak to Ground, and Hippowdon is a Ground type. This should be self-explanatory.

  2. In Sword and Shield (which is where Drapion's Dex entry was written), Hippowdon and Drapion can both be found on Route 8 or the Lake of Outrage. Perhaps Drapion has come in close contact with Hippowdon before, and got walloped by it in some fashion.

  3. Drapion is apparently known as the "Sand Demon". Hippowdon can crate a sandstorm with its Ability, however, making it more of the sand king than Drapion (Drapion can't even learn Sandstorm!). Hippowdon's Pokedex entries show it getting whipped into a rage easily, and perhaps Drapion would seek to avoid that.

  4. The most likely answer, however, is flavouring. You should never take anything the Dex says seriously, as it clearly has a lot of incorrect information (prime examples being Spoink, Magcargo, and Escavalier). Game Freak probably just wanted to show more interactions between different species of Pokemon.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you very much. I thought it would be something in the real world where scorpions are afraid of hippopotamus'.
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To be fair, hippos are very scary: they kill around 3000 people in a year, and those jaws that they have are no joke (yes, hippos are strong despite what their chunky look shows to you). Now, a hippo that creates sandstorms out of nowhere? Talk about a buff.
No wonder why Drapion's scared of Hippowdon: being weak to ground types doesn't helps at all while fighting a hippo that can create sandstorms and has enough power to crush its foes.
NGL, I would be scared of it too.

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