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I've heard that there is a scrapped Pokémon game called Pokémon Pink Version, it's a Gen 1 game and your starter is a Clefairy.

I could be wrong but i think pink version is a romhack/fangame since clefairy was going to be pikachu originally, but it couldve very well been an offical concept. Good thinking
As far as I know, this was never an actual thing that Game Freak mentioned, just a fan-made thing that was inferred by the fact that “Clefairy would have been the game’s mascot, not Pikachu”.

But you might know how absolutely extremely smart I am (sarcasm yes) and so I might have this wrong.
Y'all sniped me thru comments lol

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No, it was a canceled game

Pokemon Pink is the Gen 1 game that never was.

The canceled Clefairy game didn’t seem to make it too far in development

It was supposedly like Pokémon Yellow, in ‘Pink Version’, the female player (there was no male) would have likely received Clefairy as the starter and had it following her around with various moods and unique interactions just like Pikachu did in Yellow.
It also had unused maps that could have been earlier designs for the towns among the Kanto region, or new towns altogether.

But, some people are working on a rom hack that will supposedly bring this game to life after all, so it may be available to play later onwards.

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