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Ducklett evovles at level 35, so is Swanna worth it, and is it worth transferring up to generation 6 (omega ruby)?

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For what purpose?
i want to have a cool mon for the postgame and Steven fight
Swanna really isn’t that good tbh but I guess it’s stats are fine for in game purposes.
Also swanna isn’t that cool
its  one of the last mons i need for the flying-dex *(all fling types)
Personally I don't know why this thread was even allowed. Looks way too subjective for a simple question of whether something is worth it. ANY Pokemon can be worth it in the story playthrough. If you don't play competitive there's not much point in knowing why either.
because its time consuming to grind in black and white 2

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No, Swanna is not worth it. It's outclassed in every way by Gyarados, another Water/Flying type that's far easier to get, has higher Attack and a better Ability. The only thing Swanna has over it is its Speed and the ability to learn Fly. You'll have to pay for Bank to get one over as well, when you can get a Magikarp right then and there in Dewford. Gyarados has so many moves that Swanna can't have, like Earthquake and Crunch. Swanna's movepool is pretty pathetic.

Hope I helped!

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i have a gyrados and pelliper, and im trying to complete the flying-dex
also i have bank already
You should also mention that in oras it apparently only learns flying and water moves via level up lol
Well in that case yes, it's worth it. For ingame/normal story progression purposes, however, it's not worth transferring and evolving when you can use Gyarados.
also i dont do competitive