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I'm planning a Serperior for NatDex, and I was wondering what a good Hidden Power for the set would be. I have Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, and Synthesis as of now. The item is Life Orb.

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I think it's Fire, so it can hit Steel types. Rock might also be good, as it covers four of Serperior's weaknesses.

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Serperior main here.

The best Hidden Power for Serperior is Fire. With Fire, Serperior can get rid of Ferrothorn and Mega Scizor as well as Air Balloon, Levitating, or part Flying type Steels. You're walled by Flash Fire Heatran, but Heatran is worn down by Stealth Rock and Leech Seed as well as Spikes if you're using those. Ground is not good as you can't do anything of note to the Stealth Rock resistant, Leech Seed immune Ferrothorn. Rock isn't good either. With it you absolutely cannot touch Ferrothorn at all, and are complete bait for Magearna and Mega Scizor. With HP Fire, you can get rid of most common Serperior checks, and then switch to a Ground type for Heatran, or Ash-Greninja for Volcarona or the Mega Charizards. Cinderace is stopped by A-Greninja and Landorus-Therian. With that out of the way, what does HP Rock hit? Pretty much just Zapdos, who doesn't have very good defense compared to other Serperior checks, so it gets hit hard by Leaf Storm on the switch.

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I will trust your answer. I feel like that's a good move.
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I asked your question on Smogon, where the user Sevelon responded. Here's our exchange:

What's the best Hidden Power type for Serperior, and why is it the best? I feel it's either Fire or Rock -- am I correct? Thanks.


The most useful Hidden Power for Serperior is Fire, though depending on your team, Hidden Power Ground could also be pretty nice to catch Heatran.

Thanks! Why exactly is Fire the best? Is it to hit Steels consistently in exchange for covering weaknesses with Rock?

Pretty much. Hidden Power Fire hits Ferrothorn, Corviknight, Mega Scizor, and other Steels that would resist Leaf Storm. While Rock may seem useful to try and pin down Zapdos and Mega Charizard Y, the opportunity cost of losing the ability to hit the Steel-type Pokemon I mentioned earlier is huge. If you're worried about Zapdos or Mega Charizard Y, try using Hidden Power Fire Serperior alongside Z-Move Garchomp to cover such a weakness.

Hope I helped!

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