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why the heck does spoink have a ball on its head its not like its in a balancing act
and what if it takes a clamperls pearl or why does conkeldurr have a concrete brick and gurrdurr and timburr
i dont get why game freak keeps bringing pokemon with items lets see farfetched to even yamask has an item ( mask)
and chansey and blissey's eggs why gamefreak so many questions about this ...

sorry if you thought im being rude or FREAKIN out at game freak all i want to do is get rid of those how can mr mime be and whats up with farfetched stick im just sayin to get rid of those questions and go back to those good what is the best move combos...

thank you ':P

Its a miracle, this is like trying to understand magnets

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According to his pokedex entry, "The pearl functions to amplify this POKéMON's psychokinetic powers. It is therefore on a constant search for a bigger pearl." It's just part of the design of the pokemon. There's no point in asking hypotheticals like these, since they're just designs of the pokemon. Why is flygon green as opposed to any other color? Why doesn't poison or fire kill anyone in this game? Why doesn't Ash age? There is no answer. It just is. Maybe for the sake of entertainment, maybe to add some interesting things to the game, but it just is. Animals use things in their environment all the time.

thanks alot (soooo tired :( )
I think that ash beat all of those leagues in less than a month