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This is about the Yelllow sprite for Mew. First if you are battling mew this is how it looks like:
But if you are sending out mew this is how it looks like:
What is that huge hump thing in the middle of its ears, when you send it out?

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Maybe it got hit in the head? LOL
It's probably a design flaw.
on generation 2 and in later generations  they removed the hump, in the front sprite she doesn't have a hump so the developers doesn't know the mew's design so it drawed a hump at the middle of the head

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Mew has a hump on its head in the back sprite but not in the front facing sprite because of its sprite in the Japanese Pokemon Red and Green.
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As you can tell, Mew had a hump on its head in both the front facing sprite and the back sprite in the Japanese Pokemon Red and Green. Mew's back sprite was just never changed when its front facing sprite was for the worldwide releases of the Gen 1 games.


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I like this answer better tbh...
Wow. They smoked us over in usa. Nintendo of America must have been slacking. Although, the jap Mew sprite doesn't even look like Mew.
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We don't know what that is, or why it's there. But, we all know in gen 1, there were Pokemon sprites that were weird, disturbing (I really find the Golbat sprite from gen 1 disturbing), or even really different from US/UM's sprites. That's because they were on a gameboy. The gameboy's sprites weren't the best since it was released in 1989. And, on top of that they were the first Pokemon games, so it would contain a lot of flaws. No Pokemon game is perfect, however the developers learned from their mistakes.

Seriously, it is disturbing


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