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Such as being able to get Moon exclusive Pokemon, or items that are only there in the reverse world. I just want to know. It seems like you switch games when you go through the portal, the time frames even change like your playing Moon. In case you couldn't tell by all the Moon references, I'm playing Sun.


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The effects are largely marginal and superficial. The time is inverted so AM becomes PM and PM becomes AM. This will allow for you to do time-based evolutions, hunt for time-specific Pokémon and events at all times. The areas Altar of the Sunne & Altar of the Moone will become their counterparts, as will the Lake of the Sunne & Lake of the Moone. This essentially makes the overworld of Ultra Sun be like the overworld of Ultra Moon, and vice-versa

Despite this, this feature does not change the wild Pokémon you'll encounter, so if you're playing Ultra Sun you will still encounter Vulpix rather than Sandshrew, and Rockruff & Cosmoem will still evolve into the version specific evolutions.


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