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When I go to the gts and look for certain Pokémon in these games there is always a particular problem, when there is a Pokémon that I want sometimes, the offers will say “quit the gts” or “what Pokémon”. And it’s usually a rare shiny high levels Pokémon being offered. Thanks in advance.

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Those are hacked mons. Whatever you do, don't trade with those. You could get banned. And while I'm on it don't trade with anyone named adventuresnivy
Oh, that’s a bummer, thanks though! :D

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A lot of the Gen 6 and 7 GTS is full of hacked Pokemon. If you trade for the Pokemon, then it will crash your game. It has happened to my friend before, he tried to get a Shiny Jirachi for a Pikachu :/.

I would not recommend trading for any Pokemon on the Gen 6 or 7 GTS that is shiny.

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