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Hi can you please tell me what are good status lowering recoil moves for contrary spinda with mimic in ORAS? I can only think of close combat and v create but are there more stat lowering recoil moves that I dont know about? Thonks.

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Go for Superpower:

Superpower deals damage but lowers the user's Attack and Defense by one stage each after attacking.

It raises Attack and Defense by 1 stage each (Contrary), and along with V-Create, which bolsters speed, the Panda would become a super Panda. No kidding.
I'd say use this instead of Close Combat, as a +1 Attack and +1 Defense is better than +1 Defenses.

Others, there is Hammer Arm, but that isn't needed, because V-Create would increase speed alr.

If you wanna go mixed, then you get Leaf Storm, Draco Meteor, etc, but I'll say don't go mixed.


Hope I helped!!

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