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Just wondering
(Random shiny, no chaining or hatching)

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Hahaha, that's crazy!

  • The rate of a shiny encounter is 1 in 8192.
  • The rate of an encounter with a Pokemon with Pokerus is 3 in 65,536.

It would be a .0000457763672% x 0.000122070312% chance so if my calculations are correct:

The chance of an encounter with a shiny Pokemon with Pokerus would be a:
0.00000000558793543% chance. Or 1/178956971.

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wooooow , hahaha thats sick :P
I know someone on this online game called Pk Indigo, and he found a Gloom with both in his SS.
Wow, that's kinda lucky.
It would be easier just to infect a shiny pokemon with pokerus. Though I've been playing pokemon since it came out in the US and I've only ever seen 1 shiny pokemon.
ive seen 5 shiny pokemon but none of them ever had pokerus
I have a shiny chandulure that was traded i gave it a lucky egg and infected it with pokerus max ex gain...
What we mean here is that it had PKRS and it was shiny when it was caught.
Pokerus doesnt affect exp (if u meant exp by ex) Luck egg doesn't affect ev's (if u mant ev by ex) :(
I meant exp. And i caught a shiny zubat before you slap you forehead and say really a zubat,it had pokerus.
Lol, I get really lucky for Pokérus. I once got it the first time I battled a wild Pokémon.
Wowwww that chance :O
no joke, i got a shiny latias with pokerus through wonder trade today