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How do I get the TM for Secret Power, and what games is it in?

I usually answer these kinds of questions as soon as I see them, but Bulbapedia is acting weird today. https://xkcd.com/903/

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You get Secret Power on:
RSE: Route 111 (a person north of the desert I believe near a tree) and Slateport city (the giant market)
FRLG: The Cuttable Tree on Route 25 and Celadon Department Store
DPPt: The Lower west side of the grass field in Amity Square
HGGS: A patch of land that is northeast of a northwestern house located at the Lake of Rage. You can only access this when the lake is flooded.
ORAS: The same place on Route 111

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Do you have a source?
You could just google it yourself and see if they're right.

Only problem I see is that the TM didn't exist in XY. That TM's spot is held by Rock Smash. I believe the TM page for Bulbapedia was read too hastily. I have removed the false information.
oh ok. I'll change that thank you!
Ooooooops. Oh well, the idea still gets across the same