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Im planning to get a joltik with a hidden power gorund nature:modest and ability:Compoundeyes but i hatched like 50 eggs i only gotted a adamnt joltik with HP ground and the other one is modest joltik with HP ground but the ability was Unnerve...
is thier any quicker way to get joltik with a hidden power gorund nature:modest and ability:Compoundeyes? Please please please help me? :D

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That is a tough question to answer
awwww.... D:
use an everston on a modest ne and thn you only have two things to worry about

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The only real way to get a joltik with Hidden power ground, compound eyes, and Modest nature is to keep on hatching. The pokemon inside the egg will have a nature, ability, and IVs all determined once you get the egg. Good Luck finding one =D

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Actually, there is a certain way to do all of that...
enlighten us.