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I’m in D-max adventures with a Grimsnarl. Ever since the battle with Lugia, he’s been losing HP after every attack. My first thought was Life Orb, but he didn’t have an item. Why was this happening?

I feel dumb for having to ask this oml

Maybe it is because you are it using a recoil move?
Last time I checked, Dark Pulse wasn’t a recoil move
Does it have a Sticky Barb or Life Orb? Perhaps you didn't check carefully enough. What move are you using?
Was this happening during the battle with Lugia, or did you choose the Grimmsnarl and now, outside of the cavern, it's still taking damage? If it was only the battle with Lugia, it might have used Whirlpool on you.

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It’s likely Lugia’s Whirlpool
Lugia in DMAX adventures learn Whirlpool. This damages you every turn for a little while.

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Yes he did use whirlpool thank u
You’re welcome!
How did I forget that
Considering you didn’t see the message that it was Whirlpool hurting it, I’d assume you werent paying too much attention to the screen

Wait does Whirlpool give you a message in DMax adventures? Dang I can’t remember