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Using all available multipliers. No stat raises, (swords dance.)


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This is the basic formula

This is the modifier formula

So, imagine it in this situation. You have a...max IV shuckle with max Special Defense EVs. You are using a venusaur with weather ball with max special attack IVs. . We are assuming that you got the max roll. The weather is the rain. Both Pokemon are level 100. The shuckle also has max HP ivs and a calm nature. Venusaur is running max Special Attack IVs and a Modest nature.

Based off of this, we will have:

(((((2*100)/5)+2)100(614/328))/50)+2)(1.5 (weather) \ 2 (super effective)
From this, we get: (20*100*(approximately) 2.0374) * 3
The final answer is 12224.4
Don't ask me how this is used in other calcs XD

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Go through this Article for more information!
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btw this is related to gen 1 only. Because it utilizes special I believe
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