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I'm thinking it's like, # of Pokemon in match x Attack Power x Super effectiveness/non effectiveness. Am I right, or how else is it?

I guess it has to do with: what the pokemon's type, level, and combo is. it also probably has to do with the species, otherwise a level 1 Kyogre would be pretty useless if you have a level 10 Squirtle
Yeah probably

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The base damage you do is the Pokemon's Attack power. So a level 1 Haxorus has 70 attack and will do 70 points damage normally with a 3-icon match.

There are several multipliers though:

  • Super effective is 2x (and not very effective is 0.5x)
  • Matching 4 icons is 1.5x and matching 5 icons is 2x
  • Higher combos increase damage too, e.g. assuming all 70 power Pokemon the first match does 70 damage, the next 3 in the combo do 77 each. The multipliers are:
    • 2nd-4th match = 1.1x
    • 5th-9th = 1.15x
    • 10th-24th = 1.2x
    • 25th-49th = 1.3x
    • 50th-74th = 1.4x
    • 75th-99th = 1.5x
    • 100th upward = 2x
  • Various abilities add or multiply damage e.g. Dancing Dragons multiplies every Dragon-type match in the combo by 1.2x. See our Shuffle Abilities page for full details.
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Woah, thanks!
No problem :) The gamefaqs link does pretty much explain it but I thought it would be more clear to have it right here on the page.
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There are different ways of calculating it. This source tells you most, but not all abilities. But still pretty useful:

Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114531-pokemon-shuffle/71552611