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I recently started watching the Ruby & Sapphire Anime, and in the episode 'You Can Never Taillow!", Brock makes "sandwiches" and Team Rocket steals them to convince a flock of Taillow to help them capture Pikachu. Anyway, it shows them to you just before they're eaten by the Taillow, and they're not even sandwiches. They look like Onigiri, a Japanese stuffed rice ball (I know this because I once got monthly boxes that would teach me about countries, one of which I got was Japan, and it had a recipe and description of Onigiri.).

Anyway, why do they refer to them as sandwiches if they're rice balls? Is it just because kids won't know what rice balls or Onigiri were? And correct me if I'm wrong, but this sort of thing -- I think -- has happened with a lot of Brock's food.

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Possibly a bad translation.
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I don't think it's a bad translation, I think it's just localization. I doubt many non-Japanese children would know what a rice ball is, so it makes more sense for rice ball to be changed to something that makes more sense for English speaking countries. There's another instance where Brock refers to them as donuts.
I know right, no American will ever think that those things are sandwiches. They could've replaced the food with an actual sandwich, or just said it was something that was closer to what it actually was, but I guess not. Thanks so much !
Where's that quote from? You need to cite sources you use.
I would like you to put the source please, I'm interested in where you found this.
Regardless, where did you get the quote from?

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Possibly a bad translation
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Completely true. A lot of foods were just mistakenly translated. For instance, in the primape episode of the anime, the infamous Jelly donuts were actually much closer to rice balls again! It simply seems like people just wouldn't know it, 'cause kids aren't very versed in japanese culture (most of the non-japanese kids)

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I remember his jelly donuts and thinking "What in the world.... those are not jelly donuts at all.
Yeah lmao
I guess I'll give you BA, the other answer was hidden I think.
I love me some jelly-filled rice balls! Jelly-filled rice balls are the best!
I wouldn't be so sure this was a mistake. It makes a lot of sense that they would describe foods familiar to children from the west watching the English dub.