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Bear in mind I am mostly blind person is asking this question so please don’t act like I’m stupid. Basically what I mean is do they still Do the “shing” thing? Or do you have to be to Soli on the color .

I ckuldn't tell he talked right over the moment of reveal i hope so because i’m 30 Hiundours deep and more on the way... i don’t want to hatch more than  necessary  XD
lol gl. If this helped could you select it?
Wdym by “select” ?
Make it the best answer?
Well i got my answer. It doesn’t have the effect it does show it’s a different  color  bur there’s no sparkles oe sounds.

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Yes, Shiny Pokemon still give that effect. If you look at 0:06, this shows the rowlet with effects.


Hope this helped!