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I only mean the main series game. I mean, in nearly every single game, there are some bad guys trying to destroy the region. In some games, the champions personally help the player in stopping these bad guys such as Cynthia and Lance in platinum and heartgold. But in all of the main series game, the elite four are just 'meh I don't get paid for this crap' throughout the chaos the bad guys are causing. So, my question is, was it ever explained why the elite four is only worth milking for money or xp or is the reasoning for this all up to speculation?

Note, this is not an opinion question. I'm just asking if this is just something gamefreak left for us to speculate or if there was an article or something explaining this one

They aren't 'techically' elite four. They never said that they were.
Jesus christ that massive space for the spoilers lmao

I see. I never played swsh. I decided not to buy this thing after realizing it had only a 20 minute battle timer. I guess that only leaves the elite four of the other regions
Game Freak logic
Also Red is stronger and lazier than every Elite 4 member.
Just defeated the most powerful Pokemon of all time, a man-made abomination that can set up 2 calm minds in a single turn. Time to let some other kid defeat the mafia while I go play Ice Climbers.
Elite Four, you gotta fear them, but then boom they useless...

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Short answer: Game Freak logic

Longer answer: Game Freak has had an opportunity to make these guys at least somewhat important, however never really chose to do so (with the exception of Lorelei). I guess these people are just there to be... there. Simple roadblocks. I guess there’s only so much characters you can add to the lore...?

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So that means there were no articles or something similar that fully explains why and that this is all up to us as players to speculate?
If you mean something official, nope.

I have found https://medium.com/super-jump/the-importance-of-pokémons-elite-four-a4146abe4681 which went over it, if you feel like reading more,