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For example,"Hoenn has the most ___ types."

This includes if a region prior to XY has the most pokemon that are now considered fairy types.
It it Pokémon in the Regional Dex, or Pokémon that were introduced in each region?
Regional Dex.
I'm working on an answer,it's gonna take a bit of time.
I can get an answer from my database, no need for anyone to spend a lot of time counting manually.
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OK I've got some numbers from our own database here at PokemonDb. But I realised that the way you are asking for this isn't all that useful, because it's skewed by how many Pokemon are in the game's Pokedex. For example the Kanto Pokedex is the original 151 Pokemon, but Kalos has 450 Pokemon and Galar has 400, so those are always going to be higher.

Anyway here are the regions for each type, with the number of Pokemon in brackets:

Normal = Kalos (59)
Fire = Galar (27)
Water = Kalos (76)
Electric = Kalos (26)
Grass = Kalos & Galar (41)
Ice = Galar (27)
Fighting = Galar (32)
Poison = Kalos (52)
Ground = Kalos (44)
Flying = Kalos (69)
Psychic = Kalos (44)
Bug = Kalos (43)
Rock = Kalos (37)
Ghost = Galar (37)
Dragon = Kalos (29)
Dark = Kalos (37)
Steel = Galar (26)
Fairy = Galar (31)

You may have noticed a pattern there... maybe percentages would be better? I'll update this if I get time later.

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Wow, kalos and galar really dominates. If you wanted, i could just type the percentages in the comments? 'tis just quick math. I can do it.
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