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I wanna know what is the most used move of each type and is there a reason why?

Note: I mean moves that a lot of people use in competitive Pokémon maybe because they do many damage

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What does "most used" mean? In what context? What game are you talking about? Do you want an answer about competitive play, in-game play, or something else? If you want an answer for competitive, then what battle format do you want to know about?
If it's for competitive, there's already a question for that, although it's not answered https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/362704/what-move-types-are-used-frequently-in-the-smogon-tiers-ou-to
I was going to answer it but accidentally closed the tab....
It depends whether the pokemon is a special or a physical attacker
I asked what move people in competitive used the most used

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Keep in mind that this list doesn't contain signature moves or moves that barely any Pokémon can learn. You may have noticed that some very good moves aren't here that do not gllow that above criteria, they aren't here because gen 8 removed some moves for some reason. This list is also for competitive singles and not casual playthroughs or competitions doubles.

The following moves are for...
Bug Type special attackers:
Bug buzz

Bug Type physical attackers:

Dark type special attackers:
Dark pulse

Dark type physical attackers:
Knock off/Sucker Punch

Dragon type Special attackers:
Draco meteor

Dragon type physical attackers:
Dragon claw/Outrage

Electric type Special attackers attacker:
Thunderbolt/Volt Switch

Electric type Physical attackers:
Thunder punch/Wild charge

Fairy type special attackers:

Fairy type Physical attackers:
Play Rough

Fighting type special attackers:
Aura sphere/Focus blast

Fighting type physical attackers:
Body press/Close combat/Mach punch

Fire type special attackers:
Fire blast/Flamethrower/

Fire type physical attackers:
Blaze Kick/Flare blitz

Flying type special attackers:
Air Slash/Hurricane

Flying type physical attackers: Acrobatics/Brave Bird

Ghost type Special attackers:
Shadow Ball

Ghost type physical attackers:
Poltergeist/Shadow claw/Shadow sneak

Grass type special attackers:
Energy ball/Giga drain/Grass knot

Grass type physical attackers:
Leaf blade/Power whip/Wood hammer

Ground type special attackers:
Earth power

Ground type physical attackers:

Ice type special attackers:
Freeze-dry/Ice beam

Ice type physical attackers:
Ice punch/Ice shard/Icicle crush/Icicle spear

Normal type special attackers: Hyper voice

Normal type physical attackers: Body slam/Explosion/Extreme speed/Fake out/Quick attack/Rapid spin

Poison type special attackers:
Sludge bomb/Sludge wave

Poison type physical attackers: Gunk shot/Poison jab

Psychic type special attackers:

Psychic type Physical attackers:
psychic fangs/psycho cut/Zen Headbutt

Rock type special attackers:
Power gem/Meteor beam

Rock type physical attackers:
Rock blast/Rock slide/Stone edge

Steel type special attackers:
Flash cannon

Steel type Physical attackers:
Bullet punch/Iron head/Gyro ball

Water type special attackers:
Scald/Surf/Hydro pump

Water type physical attackers:
Aqua jet/Flip turn/Liquidation/Razor Shell/Waterfall

I hope this helped since it took me over 45 minutes to write.

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I think ground type shld also add high horsepower
High Horsepower is less common than Earthquake.
Sorry @blazingstaraltor but when you are writing an answer this long, spelling mistakes are bound to exist, thx BTW.
No, I just said to change it. Ik that it took so much efforts. And why sorry?
I think you should’ve included status moves too, but I see you already put a LOT of effort into this!