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So, what move types are used frequently in the tiers OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, and ZU? For move types, I'm talking about water type moves, ground type moves, that aren't status moves. This is useful to know so people can know which Pokémon types can have Weakness Policy activated easily in each tier.

I'm pretty it's inconsistent
yea, i'm thinking the same thing.
I accidentally deleted my answer but it looked like it was going to be Fire, Ice, Ground, and Fighting.

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Alright I'm trying this again, hopefully I don't close the tab like an idiot.

So, to get this answer, I went through the top 10 used Pokemon and their top 5 used moves, excluding status. So it should be about 50 moves a tier, although it ended up not being 50 moves a tier ever because of status. So yeah, let's get started?

Ubers: Dark (5/42)
OU(1825+): Ground (6/46)
UU: Fire (6/47)
RU: Ice (6/46)
NU: Fighting (5/41)
PU/ZU/Untiered: Normal (6/44) and the runner-up is Fire with (5/44)

This will need updating very soon....And if anyone has a better method, please tell me :)