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I mean is it ever revealed in the show, I just couldn't fit it in the title.
It seemed pretty random, and just started up one episode without an explanation(unless I missed something) and as of what I've seen of Journeys, they haven't legitimately caught a Pokemon yet, the only one I thought might be caught was the Chewtle that was biting Jesse's hair.

Because Pokemon Logic.
But for real though I don't know if this can be answered.
Yeah I agree with Da Viper,I answered this though.

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One of the reasons I can think is that the people who make the show were lazy enough not to give the Team Rocket trio new Pokemon. The only other explanation I have for them not getting new Pokemon is that the show is mainly focused on Ash and Goh getting more Pokemon, battling, and them getting character development. Because of them mainly focusing on Ash and Goh, Team Rocket is falling behind in character development.

Also, Pokemon logic, as Da Viper said. That's all I have. I hope I've helped!

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I googled it,and nothing that appeared that was helpful,so yeah.
This answer might be bad too,so feel free to criticise.
No, I think it's fine.
TBH I also think it's so the show can showcase a variety of different Pokemon.
Yeah,I forgot about that
please please please improve your grammar, it never fails to give me a stoke. im begging you. spaces after commas are a great place to start.
Thank you for saying this TY, I think this exact thing, also, thanks for fixing it PK