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I only have the Nintendo Switch Lite so yeah. Sorry if this is a dupe, I just want to know how to use it on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Bulbapedia pages for these moves don't mention anything that would seem to make using these moves different on a Lite. What are you talking about?
EDIT: Nevermind, I read the page on partner Pokemon, and this makes sense now.

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You can't use Veevee Volley or Pika Papow in a Switch Lite, or even an undocked Switch without the controllers removed, because it is motion exclusive, meaning you need to wave the controller for it to work. Because this is impossible to do On the Switch Lite or the Switch with the controllers attached.

If you can connect other controllers that aren't attached to the Lite, it will let you use these moves though. Thanks TY!
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonLetsGo/comments/9y3cey/veevee_volley_in_handheld_mode/

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I could be wrong but I think this is false. You can pair extra controllers to the lite to my understanding, so theoretically you can just get extra joycons and do it that way
Well, you could be right.  I just didn't realize that you could pair other controllers to the Lite.  However, the reason why stays the same.
But if you can pair controllers to the lite, you could use detached joycons to play let’s go eevee/pikachu and thus use the moves
Yes, that's what I edited to say after your comment.  As long as the controllers are attached, you won't be able to use the moves.
Aw man I wanted to use it. Thanks anyway!