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I'm gonna save money so I can buy a switch when the second dlc is released because my favorite Pokemon is gonna be on that dlc. So I wanna know, is there any difference, minor or otherwise, when playing swsh on the switch lite as opposed to the regular switch?

Is that camp thing needed for the main story? I just wanna finish the game and battle some guys
nah its still doable with them attached
sorry i should have phrased that differently originally
Oh in that case I might as well get the lite. Although I'm still concerned about if the next pokemon games would require the switch and cannot be played on the lite
I doubt that. The Switch Lite is technically just a Switch, and it’s a new console, so I don’t think the next main series Pokemon game will be unplayable on a Switch Lite.

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Well, first off, the Switch Lite’s screen and the regular Switch’s screen have the same resolution, so the graphics shouldn’t be different.

Onto game play. While LGPE require a regular Switch to do some things (like Pika Papow, Veevee Volley, and multiplayer), I don’t believe that there is any difference between the game play in SWSH when using a Switch Lite rather than a Switch. While looking up the details of SWSH, in case I might have missed something while playing through it myself, I found nothing that hints towards needing to detach Joy Cons or dock the switch to access a feature.

Also, I played Shield on my Switch Lite and it was quite enjoyable, and I didn’t feel that it was missing anything.

Hope this helps! :)

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I don't have a Switch Lite (or even use my Switch that much) but I'd like to add that it wouldn't be surprising if there are any hardware differences. I remember that the Gen 7 games played better on the New 3DS as compared to the original one, but they were released years apart from each other. The Switch Lite, however, is considerably less expensive than the normal Switch, to my knowledge so lack of the ability to use it as both a handheld and dock it so you can use it on a TV likely isn't the only difference. Hardware differences shouldn't have too much of an effect on playing the game, but longer load times and lag may make your experience less immersive.
Well, the Switch Lite lacks the ability to play games that can’t be played in handheld mode. It also doesn’t have on IR Motion Camera included (whatever that is). It also doesn’t include rumbling. They both have the same amount of gigabytes for the RAM and storage, so that wouldn’t affect the price. I’ve used a regular Switch before, and it felt like it loaded in the same time as my Switch Lite, and I haven’t found problems with lag on either of them. They both run the same processor too. It may be because you need to buy separate Joy Cons if you buy the Switch Lite, and Joy Cons come with a regular Switch.

That’s really all I can find so far.
As long as it plays pokemon then it's good enough and I don't really care about the LGPE since I hate kanto. I'm only gonna play pokemon on the switch anyway. I swear I'm gonna be real mad if the next pokemon games cannot be played on the switch lite