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I'm playing Pokemon Sun. Trying to breed an Alolan Rattata to get fire wheel. Dad is a regular Growlithe with the same move while mom is the Alolan Rattata. I have hatched over three dozen Rattata and NONE have gotten the move so far. I have looked up plenty of guides, double checked the egg move list, looked up more guides and double checked Growlithe's move list again and again and nothing is working. Is there no longer a 100% chance of egg moves being passed on any more? I have plenty of regular Rattata from previous games I have done this with and I have not found anything saying Alolan Rattata is exempt from this egg move...

Oh, if it matters, mom is JPN Rattata and dad is an American Growlithe. Does that make a difference? Was kinda hoping to try for a shiny with the move but as of now I'm just hoping for a shiny.

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The reason Alolan Rattata isn't getting Flame Wheel from Growlithe is because Alolan Rattata cannot learn Flame Wheel.

However, Kanto Rattata can learn Flame Wheel as an Egg Move, so if you breed that Growlithe with a Female Kanto Rattata, it will have Flame Wheel. The Kanto Rattata will need to hold an Everstone as well.

Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/rattata/moves/7

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Shoot, I feel stupid now. I didn't even notice the tab for Alolan on the egg moves set section. I am disappointed now. Thanks <3
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The Kanto Rattata will also need to hold Everstone if they're playing Sun, otherwise the egg will be an Alola version of Rattata, which can't inherit Flame Wheel as was already established.
Shoot, I totally forgot about that mechanic.
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I know why, in SM, Alolan Rattatas don't have Flame Wheel as an egg move, regular Rattatas do, but not Alolan Rattatas, so it'll never work.

Source: Rattata page on SM moveset.