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Hello everyone, and thank you for reading and replying.
I have a 5IVs Ditto with Destiny Knot, and I have used it for breeding for quite some time, with great result, with a lot of Pokemon, but now I'm finding that when used with Dreepy, Drakloak or Dragapult, it doesn't transmit a single IV.
Do you know what could be happening?

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Breeding is pure rng. It might be possible that your Dreppy has trash ivs so the rng gods pick those instead. You usually have to breed a lot of eggs before you find one that has the ivs you wnat
Not if one of the Pokemon has the Destiny Knot, when using it, that Pokemon transfers 5 IVs to the new egg. That's what I've been doing for a long time, but for some reason it's not working with Dreepy.
Destiny Knot doesn’t ensure that the 5 IVs passed down are from the parent holding it. It just ensures that 5 of the offspring’s IVs are inherited from the parents, but which parent’s stat gets passed is random for each stat. With 5 IVs, you have a pretty good chance of getting at least 1 or 2 stats from the parent you want, but it doesn’t eliminate the chance that sometimes you’ll run into a patch of bad luck and repeatedly get undesirable stats instead. It happens.
Oh, ok!! Thank you very much for the info, guys! Now I understand, and it makes sense! You've been very helpful.

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Like said in the comments, even if you have a destiny knot, it won't always give it from the Pokemon that is holding the destiny knot. It's pure chance, you probably got lucky with the other Pokemon and had a good egg right away or soon. The Dreepy's IVs may not be very good and it happens to be passing down those instead of Ditto's, just keep trying and eventually you should get one that has the 5 Ditto IVs, also, if you want a perfect IVed one, you are gonna want the Dreepy/Drakloak/Dragapult to have the IV the Ditto doesn't. Also, don't save after getting an egg, and then hatch soft reset repeat. Save right before recieving the egg, because everything that will be a part of the offspring, the Species, ivs, shinyness, gender, etc.

Source: Knowlege and the comments.

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