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Why the total sum of all the values of the particular stats of a Pokémon are not equal to the value present in summary screen?

For example, my Swanna's Base = 87, EV = 148, IV = 27. Therefore the total = 262. But in summary screen it shows Attack - A - = 228. Where the remaining 34 points go?

What level is it at? What stat are you talking about?

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This is how the game calculates stats after gen 2.

Swanna did not exist in gen 1 or gen 2, so its stats must be calculated in with one of these 2 functions. The physical attack stat is not HP, so it uses the "OtherStat" function. You can see that the numbers get multiplied by level and then divided by 100, so your Swanna will have lower stats at lower levels.

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EVs aren't a 1-1 conversion rate per stat it is 4 EVs for every stat point which is then multiplied by the level and divided by 100 so if they worked the way you thought it would work it actually has a few more points then it should if 87 the base stat was actually what you thought it was, the base stat isn't what is actually added to the EVs and IVs instead it multiplied by 2 then added to the other stats then the amount of EVs in each stat divided by 4 (rounded down) then the IVs before being divided by 100 (round down)and multiplied by the level the 5 is added to it so it isn't as simple as just adding the things together so. This is how it would work with the Swanna (which is level 94) we multiply the base stat 87 by 2 to get 174 then add its IVs which are 27 to get 201 after that we add a forth of the EVs so we divide 148 by 4 to get 37 which we add to 201 to get 238 then we multiply that by 94 to get 22372 then divide that by 100 to get 223.72 round down to get 223 then add 5 and that is how we a attack stat of 228.

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