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I would like to know the IVs of an in game traded Pokémon and if they are all the same, perfect, or randomly generated.

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The IVs of a traded Pokemon are whatever IVs the Pokemon had when the player who originally owned it caught it.

So if I had a Keldeo, for example, and it had 15 IVs in each stat. If I traded it to someone those IVs would stay the same.

So they can be perfect and they can be all the same (all depends on luck). They are randomly generated when the Pokemon was first encountered by the original trainer, but will not change when traded.

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Whoopsys i didn't word the question properly but your answer is still good
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If you mean traded from another player, IVs are the same. If you mean an in-game trade by an NPC, the IVs are randomly generated. As is the nature.

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