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Pretty funny and weird story,

I was Dynamaxing and or gigantamaxing some mushrooms to make my Pokemon a danger towards everyone else,
till I encounter a dynamax Centiskorch, and it used Max Thunder. it was quite weird. I looked up the moves for this Pokemon, it doesn't learn any electric type moves by leveling up.

So I caught it, and apparently it learned Thunder Fang. Like I said, Centiskorch doesn't learn any electric type moves by level up. especially as an egg move. and Thunder Fang is a TM 66 disk.

Is this normal, or is it something that was, unexpected?


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It's just one of the moves it can have in Max Raids. I've gotten some with Thunder Fang (found one the other day), and I've gotten some without. Game Freak probably just did it so it's able to put up a bit of a fight against Water Pokemon, which it's weak to. Plus, it would be a way to let you have a Thunder Fang Centiskorch without shelling out 30,000 Pokedollars for the TM at Hammerlocke.

Hope I helped!

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That is true, then again, i did found it in the wetlands in a dynamax den. so, it makes perfect sense, thank you kindly
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